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Misha de Vries Primary School in Vught

Misha de Vries is a small-scale primary school in Vught, offering high-quality experiential education.

The school opened in October 2017, led by Magnolia Foundation and in close collaboration with one of Milan’s best-performing schools, the ‘Sacro Cuore’.

The children in grades 1-8 are taught in classes of up to 20 pupils each. Misha de Vries Primary School is a primary school on a general special basis. The school has a Catholic identity, a cultural profile and is internationally oriented.

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Our vision

For those who want the best for their child

Education inspectorate notes rapid decline in level of Dutch primary education, particularly at the field of language. Moreover, children find it less and less fun to go to school.

We have therefore founded a school that teaches at a high level, especially in language acquisition. Children enjoy going to our school.

How is this possible? By using small classes, a lot of personal attention, highly educated teachers, good vision and methods. Because we offer children the most beautiful books, take the time to read to them quietly, and let the topics come back in the other subjects as well.

Because we do not pass off the subject of arithmetic as a trick, but as a discovery.

By offering music, Movement Education and English by specialized teachers.

Misha de Vries: for those who want the best for their child.

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Our Ambiance

"Mommy, it's nice here"

Primary school Misha de Vries is small-scale. There are no more than 20 children per class, and no more than 100 children in the whole school.

Children get to know everyone at school, and the staff know all children personally. Each child recieves the personal attention he/she requires.

There is peace, cleanliness and regularity in the school. It is neat, beautiful and well-structured.

At the same time, there is space and time to do everything with attention, to be (learn to be) creative and to ask questions.

That is why it’s so great here.

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